What is Targeted Display Advertising? The Delta Resource Group

What is Targeted Display Advertising?

In the digital marketing ecosystem, targeted display advertising is a service that hyper-targets user’s based on demographics, geography, location, and behavior while navigating specific channels of content on the internet. The goal within a Targeted Display strategy is to bring about brand awareness and specific call to actions in front of an advertising audience in order to keep a brand, candidate, or product top of mind to the target advertising audience. This can be accomplished through a combination of tactics optimized to bring about the best result for the advertiser.

What Targeting Tactics are Available When Utilizing Targeted Display?

You have a unique business and consumer base! By the same token, your targeted display strategy should uniquely address the digital marketing objectives of your business or initiative. Senior digital marketers can help you decide which tactics can best reach your objectives. Some of these available tactics include:

• Geo-Fencing:

Geo-fencing technology targets your businesses or initiatives’ ideal audience based on their physical location. This ability enables retargeting of captured users who are in their homes, have visited your business, competitor locations, strategic points of interest, and even events such as a trade show or football game.

• Site Retargeting:

Site retargeting follows users who have left your website without taking action, re-engages them, and keeps your brand top of mind in order to turn them into customers.

• Contextual Targeting:

Connect your brand with potential customers and ambassadors by showing them relevant ads as they browse content contextually relevant to your business, services, or initiatives.

• Keyword Search Retargeting:

Combine the effectiveness of search engines with the brand awareness impact and reach of display advertising! Your brand can appear in front of users looking for products, services, or information pertaining to your business or initiative.

The Digital Marketing Suite at The Delta Resource Group

Though targeted display advertising can be an extremely powerful and stand-alone tool a concerted digital marketing strategy leaves your brand covered within all online channels. These services could include adding social media, SEO, or utilizing search engine marketing, as well as ensuring your website is efficient for both your customers to navigate and search engines like Google to index. At The Delta Resource Group, every client gets a customized digital marketing strategy, based on the needs of their respective industry, business, or initiative. There is no such thing as “copy and paste” within our agency!

Targeted Display Advertising by The Delta Resource Group (TDRG)

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