strategic communications

strategic communications
Public affairs & Public Relations

Louisiana Public Affairs & Public Relations

Our Strategic Communications team comprises experienced, senior-level professionals who are ready to help you tell your story with clarity and conviction in an ever-evolving media landscape. Our public affairs team specializes in developing and implementing comprehensive, stakeholder-driven public affairs strategies that complement unique governmental affairs initiatives to help you reach and influence your key audiences. We rely on a suite of tactics to build your unique strategy, such as:

Survey Research

Understand your target audience by assessing feedback through the development of strategic survey’s and interviews.

Media Planning

For a message to be effective it must stay fluid across all channels of media. Within our planning we identify, negotiate and place paid media to deliver your message to the right audience, at the right time.

Earned Media

It is important that your message reach your target audience as organically as possible in order to establish trust. Our team leverages relationships with key political reporters, media personalities and bloggers to reach your target audience wherever and however they consume media.

Creative Development

Really good creative should be the perfect intersection of content and context. Our goal is to create a unique experience that ties into the core values of your initiative for every platform it’s being promoted on.

Message Development

Our team of content strategists create stakeholder-specific messaging to tell your story through the discrete lens of each audience you want to reach. The power of the written word can make or break a strategy.

Focus Groups

Gain an in-depth understanding of how your target audience thinks and feels about the issues and situations you're trying to influence. We will convene groups of select individuals to facilitate and moderate discussions around messaging, policy and tactics to road test your strategy to see how it will be perceived in the real world.

Stakeholder Engagement

We use this tool to shape the narrative based on where your stakeholders live and work everyday

Corporate Communications

We build a concerted communications funnel that services both internal and external programs to disseminate your brands' story.


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