Digital Marketing and Web Design

Louisiana Based Online Marketing Agency

Seize your online marketing potential with The Delta Resource Group. Our Louisiana-based team of web developers, interactive designers, and digital marketing specialists are here to help you navigate the ever-evolving digital space. We rely on our industry experience and time-tested strategies to help your business grow by starting with your needs. Our style is to be consultative and collaborative from start to finish. We specialize in keeping you brand fluid in all major facets of internet marketing including Social Media, SEO, SEM, Targeted Display Advertising, Email Marketing and more.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is an infinite game that cannot be won, only played. We grow sustainable website traffic through technical SEO, On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Content Development.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the keyword bidding war that takes place on major search engines such as Google or Bing. Ads are triggered via a bid when keywords relevant to your customer base are being searched. Most Search Engine Marketing platforms are a Pay Per Click model that only charges the advertiser once the text-based advertisement is clicked.

Targeted Display

Hyper-target your key audience by leveraging the online content they are consuming, their demographic make up, and physical location.

Social Media

Social media is an avenue that allows you to speak to your target audience in real time. Our team maneuvers the priorities of your business or initiative to gain trust from your audience by humanizing your brand and message.

Web Development

Our websites are built to be functional and focus on the user experience by creating a seamless interaction from start to finish on any internet connected device.

Web Design

Our interactive design is created to inhance the user experience through a layout that is navigable, engageable, and tailored to your brand.


The most important aspect of any marketing or advertising campaign is to evoke brand recognition and recall. Our team of designers create the first impression of your brand that speaks to your core values and translates fluidly anywhere from a T-shirt to an online marketing campaign.

Content Development

Content is king and should be a focal point of any in bound or outbound marketing strategy. Our content strategists develop content that lives on your website developed with the goal of ranking well on search engines to drive website traffic and generate viable leads for your business or initiative.

Email Marketing

We design and deploy strategic email campaigns that allow for multiple messages to be targeted to your ideal audience. Our team can target a variety of data points and be as specific as a political ideology or even a credit score range.

Streaming Television (OTT/CTV)

We have the ability to serve non-skippable, video-based advertisements within the streams of content your target audiences consume on streaming platforms, like Hulu or Popcornflix. We can target at the household level by leveraging demographics of interest or online behavior. Our team of OTT/CTV specialists have access to a variety of publishers ranging from:


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