Governmental Affairs & Lobbying

The Delta Difference

We are a team of seasoned advocates and policy experts with proven, practical knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of state, local, and federal government. We leverage this expertise and a powerful network of elected officials, decision makers and influencers to meaningfully impact the policy-making process and move the needle. Our team can seamlessly navigate the needs of your organization at every level of government. The Delta Difference starts with you and your unique needs in order to develop a bespoke/tailored government affairs strategy to meet your objectives.  The proof is always in the results and at The Delta Resource Group the foundation of those results always begins with you.

We can help you with:


Strategic and Operational Planning

Lobbying Government Bodies

Policy Research, Analysis, and Implementation

Regulatory & Legislative Representation for Businesses

If your business is regulated by a state, local, and/or the federal government, The Delta Resource Group can help. Whether we like it or not, the powers at be will continue to regulate industry as they see fit. More often than not, these changes happen at a slower pace, but at times can catch business owners off-guard. In order for regulators to craft reasonable policies, the unique intricacies of your business need to be conveyed and heard. If you are a  regulated business in need of a respondent to regulatory action or seeking a long term strategy to influence policy, hire TDRG for regulatory and legislative representation, today.

Let us assist you with:​

  • Regulatory Representation
  • Legislative Representation
  • Policy Research & Development

Procurement Consulting & Project Management for Government Contractors

Government contractors face complex procurement laws and procedures they must navigate on a daily basis. The fact is, the government workforce has been shrinking since the beginning days of the Reagan administration. Government entities often outsource the work they formerly performed in house – let us help you serve the public by being your one stop shop for procurement consulting and project management services.

We specialize in:​

  • Procurement Consulting
  • Project Management and Product Review
  • Business Development for Your Industry

Lobbying for Local Governments & Political Subdivisions

Local governments are facing many challenges and are being forced to evolve as economic changes impact revenue streams that provide crucial services. Local officials and administrators are being thrust into the role of transformational leaders, while public expectations demand no interruption in public services. Whether your needs are related to operations, capital projects, or both, The Delta Resource Group can help.

Our Specialties Include:​

  • Planning Services
  • Regulatory Affairs
  • Industry Relations Services
  • State and Federal Government Relations​
  • Communications Consulting

Policy Research & Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

When you are a nonprofit your members make up the backbone of your organization and results oriented engagement is the key to your future and success. Whether you are a chamber of commerce, PAC, or trade association your supporters believe in your mission and vision. Within these changing times, the ability to adapt and continue to provide value has never been more important. Many times nonprofits find themselves at the intersection of a legislative hurdle and the staffing bandwidth that it takes to execute a new project or plan. This could make the difference in your organization’s future. Our team at TDRG is here to help from policy research to strategic planning and anywhere in-between.

We are experts in:

  • Policy Research, Analysis, and Development
  • Strategic Short & Long Term Planning

Hire A Louisiana Governmental Affairs and Lobbying Firm

Our team at Delta Resource Group can be a supplement or a substitute for your strategic government affairs needs so that you can exceed expectations. Do you find yourself faced with a complex governmental affairs issue in need of a solution? Let TDRG take on the grunt work of collecting the facts you need to make decisions and then help with implementation. Our governmental affairs services range from leading a cohesive lobbying effort to re-writing regulations to moderating a stakeholder task force charged with solving a difficult problem, and anything in between. Contact a Louisiana based governmental affairs firm, today!


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